Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sticking in the Headlining

I think this is the job that I have dreaded the most because basically, if we mess it up, we have to start again with the insulation and the headlining. I think I would rather place my head in a toilet and flush.

It is more or less the same procedure as sticking in the carpet except that the headlining has more of a propensity to fold back on itself. Not fun trying to pry it apart. The other issue of course is that the substrate you are going onto has to be smooth or else all the lumps and bumps will show through the headlining. 

We mostly managed to get the headlining stuck down to our satisfaction, except for one section, where you can see the shape of 5 bolts, which go through to the deck. To remedy this, we have pulled the headlining in that small section back off. Unfortunately, it has taken the insulation in that section off with it. Fortunately, it is only a small section and we can replace the insulation. To remedy the bolts creating hideous bumps, which can be seen through the headlining, we will need to try and pad it out. I'm not quite certain howt we are going to pad it out but I am sure we will figure it out.

As a small additional note regarding the self adhesive insulation: the adhesive properties are not nearly as good as I would have expected them to be. We have had to go back over quite a few sections and stick them down with contact adhesive.

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