Monday, 9 June 2014

Weather windows

After 30 years the gelcoat on Genesis was looking rather tired. We also wanted to change the colour of the boat to a blue hull with white/off white deck. 

The hull needed to be sanded and primed before painting to ensure good adhesion of the paint. We chose 2-pack paints so that we don't have to do this again any time soon!

You don't realise how at the mercy of Mother Nature you are until you try and paint a boat in the UK. Sanding was straightforward and fairly quick using 180 grit paper on my new orbital sander and the primer followed relatively easily. The manufacturer's instructions said to wait until fully cured before applying the top coat (7 days). It was at this point we started wishing we had a barn big enough to accommodate the boat. The Great British summer was upon us with non-stop rain and no end in sight. It took two weeks before we got another suitable weather window to have a go at the top coat. 

Genesis primed & ready

As is the usual situation with discussions about colour with Chantel, she was right and I was wrong! The colour was too "electric" apparently and looked a bit "boy-racer-blue" (whatever that is). Aaaarggghhh! as this meant ordering new paint and waiting for yet another weather window.


As I write this, we have finished the hull above the waterline in the right shade of blue and are quite pleased with the result. Now if it would just stop bloody raining, maybe I could get something else done?

The right stuff

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