Sunday, 19 October 2014

She Floats!!!!!

Admittedly, this post comes some time after Genesis has been lowered into the water but, I think in light of the fact that we have been too busy enjoying the fact that she is now where she belongs, we can be excused a bit of tardiness. I have backdated the post so it appears that we have not been quite so tardy. There are still quite a few other posts that need to be retrospectively added. In addition, there are still quite a few jobs on Genesis that need doing.

The Move

I would like to say that moving Genesis was remarkably straight forward but as with most things, this is not what happened. Time had quite clearly dimmed our view of what a pain in the proverbial it was to get Genesis 'moored' between our stables and the greenhouse because we were clearly under the illusion it would not be difficult to extricate her from this position. Ha! How naive were we? We only needed to re-read the blog entry to realise how silly we were being. Failing that, we experienced it first hand... again.

First, John had to turn her round in the field. Getting down into the field was easy enough. Getting out was another story. Our two pigs decided this was a great opportunity to be nosy and kept trying to stand in the gate way. Then of course, the gravel leading up from the field kept on slipping under the wheels. It eventually took 3 runs with increasing momentum (and diff-lock) to make the slope from the field to the stable area. Unfortunately this meant that John got closer to the stables than he wanted to. As Genesis has a quite wide child bearing hips, this complicated matters as the stanchions and guard rail were now trying to remove the guttering from our stable block. Eventually, with Al's patient assistance, John managed to get Genesis past the stables and onto the drive.... despite having to remove a section of our neighbour's guttering. Fortunately, the actual drive to the Marina went without any fuss or drama. 

Lowering Genesis into the Water

She floats!

Our First Night on Genesis

We enjoyed a lovely dinner out at Pier 64, plus a bit of wine, then adjourned back to the boat for an early night.

In deference to the Captain and his good lady, we ended up in the Aft Berth or as Sue thought I was calling it, the 'afterbirth'. Haha. I'm afraid from now on, I shall always think of it as the 'afterbirth'. As far as comfort goes, it could be better but then I suppose it could be worse too. I think the 2 complaints I have is that it is impossible to get out to go to the loo without disturbing John and that I have bumped my head half a million times. Other than that, it is more spacious than I thought it would be. 

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