Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bank Holiday Weekend Cleaning

The longer weekend was particularly useful, as we pulled Genesis out the water and had her mucky bottom (to be fair it wasn't too bad), jetted off.

We then set about scrubbing her topsides, cutting and polishing her hull and anti-fouling her bottom!


We used G6 Cutting Compound from Force 4, together with a polishing sponge for our Silverline polisher. It was a hard slog for John as the polisher is not as light to lift as one would hope. The cutting compound worked really well, taking out the scuffs from our fenders.


For polishing we used the 3M polish from Force 4. It goes on a treat and polishes off easily. We ended up doing 2 coats of polish.


The Hempel Tiger-Extra anti-fouling we used for the last 2 seasons worked really well, so we ended up using it again for this season. It goes on quickly and easily and seems to have good lasting power.

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