Saturday, 16 November 2013

Viewing the Boat

After a magnificent breakfast of poached eggs, bacon, yummy sausage, delicious black pudding, fried tomatoes, mushrooms and toast, we felt fortified enough to go and view the boat and to make the return journey home. I really should have taken a photo of the breakfast for the blog. It was as good as dinner the night before. Anyway, I digress, the main point is that we viewed the boat and what a fabulous boat it appears to be!

Quite often, when you view photos online, they lie or give you a somewhat more positive outlook than is really warranted. This certainly was not the case with Genesis (the name of the Beneteau First 26). From what we could see, without having the benefit of a current survey, she seemed to be in fairly good nick. We couldn't see any sign of blistering or delamination. The inside was fairly clean and the trailer also appeared to be fairly sturdy and in reasonable visual condition.

En route home, we decided to take the rest of the weekend to have a think about it to make certain we had a list of all the questions we needed answered and to make certain our initial excitement was not over-ruling our sense of logic and proportion. We are very fortunate to have a very good friend who conveniently happens to be a Master Yachtsman & John's Golfing Partner. Big Al, as we affectionately call him, has given us loads of good advice and told us what to be wary of. It always helps to have someone in the know to keep you on the straight and narrow or in this case at an even keel! 

PS Big Al is tall, with a big personality... not wide...

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