Saturday, 7 December 2013

Making an Offer

After long and hard deliberation, John and I decided to put in an offer subject to a survey being done. John engaged J Kerhsaw Yacht and Small Crafts Surveys (no affiliation) to perform the survey on Genesis. We received a very comprehensive 16 page survey basically saying that the boat is sound but also detailing a few issues that need dealing with. If we ever needed to have another survey done, we would certainly want to use Joe Kershaw again. He was thorough and detailed.

The conclusion of the Survey was: "Conclusions: Genesis was built to an approved standard by one of the world’s most prolific builders and her hull and structure remain in sound condition. As far as can be ascertained given the limitations of this survey, her rig and engine are also in good condition. On the completion of the recommendations listed she should be fit for her designed purpose."

A very brief summary of the recommendations:

"List of Recommendations:

The Recommendations made in the report are listed below with their respective section numbers. The Recommendations should be carried out before use. 

Recommendation 10: Repair delamination to rudder 

Recommendation 11: Replace cutlass bearing and renew fairing around P bracket. 

Recommendation 13: Service or replace heads valves. 

Recommendation 16: Replace life lines 

Recommendation 26: Service or replace fire extinguishers: 

Recommendation 31: The flexible hoses and regulator should be replaced. Consider upgrading to current standards 

Recommendation 34: Remove loose cable and check mains system before use."

The survey really just confirmed our opinion about the condition Genesis is in.Having reviewed the survey, we have decided to go ahead with the purchase of Genesis. It seems quite apt that she was named Genesis because this really is a new chapter of our lives.

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