Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Growing List

To help keep our minds focused, we are drawing up a list of things that need to be done before Genesis goes in the water. The list is proving to be rather extensive and unfortunately, before any of it can be done, there is quite a bit of research to do.

Survey snag list

 See 'Making an Offer'


  • Replace vinyl headlining
  • Source closed cell foam sheets to install behind Vinyl Headlining
  • Recover mattresses and get some memory foam for mattresses
  • Replace carpeting on the hull
  • New bedding: duvet, make fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillows, etc
  • Paint horrible orange wood with Polyvine White varnish to open up the space
  • Sand down any decent wood an re-varnish
  • Trim down the fold up table in the fore cabin
  • Install wine rack
  • New scatter cushions for seating
  • Install DAB radio
  • Replace door handles
  • Re-work the doors by making them slightly bigger and flush fitting


  • Gut the heads and clad with new panelling
  • Replace manual toilet with electric toilet
  • Find new smaller more modern basin and counter
  • Pressurise the water
  • Install hand-shower in the heads
  • Install water heater
  • Install holding tank

Power & Utilities

  • Install separate battery for domestic power (leaving a dedicated starter battery)
  • Find battery charger
  • Replace wiring with correct gauge wire & clean up birds-nest of wiring behind navigation station
  • Upgrade 230V ring-main and install extra sockets
  • Install heating system
  • Upgrade the gas bottle locker
  • Create pushpit frame for Weber Gas BBQ
  • Gin pole for raising/lowering mast
  • Upgrade interior lighting


  • Recover cushions
  • Find folding table to mount on deck
  • Price up new spray cover in blue


  • New coat of anti-fouling 
  • Paint hull navy blue
  • Install rope cutter (recommended by Big Al)


  • Install wind instrument
  • Change navigation lights to LED bulbs
  • Rework navigation station
  • Install fuel tank sender & gauge

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