Monday, 16 December 2013

Parking Genesis

We had finally managed to get Genesis home but we still needed to get her parked out of the way. This presented its own unique challenges. To start, we had to manage to fit her in-between the pole barn and the stables and then we had to turn her and reverse her between the stables and the greenhouse.

John decided the easiest way to do this would be with the tractor...hmmmm.... it didn't quite turn out that way. We now have to replace one of the tractor lights and a mirror that John managed to rip off along the side of the stable roof. The stable roof also requires a new section of roof drain, as that has also been damaged. He finally gave up with the tractor and resorted to the Landcruiser. This turned out to be a much better idea. John then towed the boat into the field and reversed it up the hill with the tractor.

Genesis is now sitting between the greenhouse and the stable. Her stern is facing the bank, which allows us easy climbing access onto her without having to resort to a ladder.

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