Thursday, 26 December 2013

Where to start?

Big Al once described yachting as "standing under a cold shower tearing up £10 notes". That's probably close to the truth as having digested the endless list of things to do, it's starting to dawn on me that this is going to be a daunting (and expensive) project! At least we will be standing under a pressurised warm shower tearing up £10 notes.

Given the lousy weather is made sense to start on something inside the boat but some sort of heating was going to be required to make it bearable. One of the items on the survey snag list is the 230V ring main, so I thought I'd start with that and kill two birds with one stone, fix that and use an oil radiator heater to warm things up a bit. 

The original 230V system had a shore power socket which fed a domestic consumer unit in the rear cabin. The consumer unit had a RCD and single MCB for the sockets. The socket/s seem to have disappeared in the mists of time and the cable feeding them terminated (not very safely) under the cooker (see photo in the post about the survey).Link:  Making an Offer

The plan was to replace the consumer unit with a larger unit to house a few more MCBs to cover the 230V power requirements. These would be limited to the sockets, the immersion heater in the calorifier and a battery charger.

I've also mounted the consumer unit and battery charger inside the rear hanging locker to get it out the way.

230V Brass twin socket

Battery charger & consumer unit

The cables in the photo will be tidied away once the cable for the immersion heater is installed.

The battery charger is a 30A smart charger. I didn't realise just how complicated batteries and battery charging is when you have more than one battery! More on that later........ 

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