Saturday, 4 January 2014

Toning Down the Orange Wood

If I had to choose one thing I truly disliked about Genesis, it would have to be the profusion of orange wood. I think orange wood, like tangerine self tans, are one of my pet hates. Why on earth anyone would actually choose to have orange wood is beyond my abilities to comprehend. To remedy this ghastly odium of orangeness plaguing poor old Genesis, I decided to varnish over the wood with Polyvine White Wax Finish Varnish.

White Polyvine next to Orange Wood

4 Coats of Polyvine

 I do still have quite a lot of painting to do but I can only really get it done once the headlining has been stripped out and once John has cleared out of the boat. At the moment we seem to be tripping over each other.

The Polyvine White almost gives the wood a lime waxed appearance and feel and it certainly does make it seem so much lighter,brighter and airier. Certainly more modern!

I purchased the varnish from: The Polyvine Online Shop Delivery was quick.

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