Tuesday, 14 January 2014


The headlining on Genesis is somewhat worn and tired. It is drooping and the foam backing is disintegrating. So, unfortunately, it will need replacing. 

I ordered some samples of headlining from Hawk House Ltd. Looking at the samples, I would say that I think the best option is the Off-White EM144 Unfoamed Vinyl. I think it will brighten up the space and give a good clean finish. The reason we are using the unfoamed vinyl is because, we will be lining the space behind the vinyl with 5mm closed cell polyurethane foam insulation sheets from hawk house. I am aware that one can purchase foam backed vinyl headlining but the foam backing on the vinyl is an open celled foam and is not going to provide as good an insulation as a closed cell foam. In addition, open celled foams are more likely to cause condensation issues, especially when you consider that it is sandwiched between  2 non-permeable layers (the fibreglass hull and the vinyl), which is not what one wants in a boat. If space was not such an issue, my first choice would have been to use Spray on closed cell polyurethane foam insulation

Removing the headlining is definitely a job neither John or I are looking forward to; it is literally going to mean stripping Genesis right back to the fibreglass hull. It is also going to be pretty messy with all the disintegrating foam.

I will use the old headlining once it has been stripped off as a template for the new headlining. The sewing should be fairly simple, as it is simply a case of hemming the new headlining.

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