Friday, 31 January 2014

Heads and Galley Surfaces

We have completely stripped out the heads and will need to replace the surface for the sink and create a cabinet underneath. As such, I have been trying to source something that will be both functional and attractive. I had high hopes that I had found the right option when I stumbled across Hydrostone but unfortunately they only manufacture it in one size. So, whilst it would work in the heads, it would not work in the galley as it is too narrow for the application. Aside from which, I have no intention of wasting half a slab, when you consider what it costs. This does slightly annoy me because I view it as a lost selling and marketing opportunity for the company manufacturing these modified acrylic surfaces. A little further thinking would have made them realise, that the surface is as suitable in a bathroom as it is in a kitchen.

Hydrostone sample

I have looked at other modified acrylic surfaces but they are not as economic as the Hydrostone was. So, I have completely changed tack and I am considering using large tiles of marble, travertine or limestone to achieve the same thing. I have found some slabs, which are 900 mm x 600 mm in size. Most of them are a minimum of 12 mm in depth. The depth is not a major issue as the tile can be supported with mdf. The important thing is that the slabs are larger than what I need and they fall comfortably into the budget. I have ordered some samples and look forward to receiving them. I see no reason, why they won't prove to be appropriate once the tiles have been appropriately sealed.

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