Monday, 10 March 2014

Cutting out the Vinyl Headlining

Although, I don't enjoy being ill, I was rather grateful to use it as an excuse for not helping John to rip out the old headlining with its disintegrating foam and the carpeting. Being ill has it's advantages! Poor old Genesis looks quite bare without her headlining.... even if it was saggy.

Being ill has not gotten me out me out of having to trace all the headlining shapes and then having to add on a seam allowance. A tedious job at best. It doesn't help that there are no straight lines to make it quicker! Make certain you have enough pattern paper BEFORE you start!

Once all the patterns were completed, they were cut out on the floor of our lounge in one session. The best route was to lay out all the pattern pieces for the headlining out in one go, as I wanted to have as little wastage as possible. I wasn't able to use needles for the pattern pieces, as they leave holes in the headlining, so I used sticky tape, to stick the paper pattern pieces to the vinyl headlining. Not ideal at all. By the time I had finished cutting out the pattern pieces, my knees were positively covered in bruises.

Headlining Patterns being arranged and cut out

Pattern piece stuck down with sellotape

The trickiest sections to cut out were the smaller bits. I ended up using a sharp stanley knife in combination with the sellotape as using a pair of scissors caused the pattern pieces to move too much.

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