Monday, 31 March 2014

Recovering Mattresses

Part of the refurbishment of the boat is to recover the foam mattresses. They are currently covered in vinyl, which I don't think is appropriate for the mattresses. It clearly works for the seat cushion pads as it is cleanable and they are likely to need something which can be wiped down but it would be somewhat uncomfortable as a sleeping surface.... especially if we actually have a summer!

I decided to recover the mattresses in a navy and off white striped ticking. It is hard wearing and 100% cotton. Whilst it won't be easy to remove from the foam mattresses, they are at least washable and there is always the option to explore whether it is possible to have the mattresses dry cleaned with the covers on.

Initially, I though about unpicking the original covers and using those as a pattern but looking at them, I don't think they were all that well made to start with. So I, started from scratch and used the foam mattress to re-create a pattern. I am pleased I decided on this route  because the finished product looks rather good even if I do say so myself! I only have 3 more to do.... groan....

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